Lava Facts

Lava is a natural ore mined from the earth.

It is chemically known as hydrous aluminum silicate. The material occurs in dense formations and is characterized by its softness. Maryland Lava Co., Inc. utilizes two grades of lava in the manufacturing of our products with each grade being suitable for particular technical applications. The two lava grades are known as “A” and “M”. For more technical information on each grade, see our Lava Data page.

Lava can be furnished in block, rod, sheet and bar form. The material is quite uniform in structure. Grade “A” is the material most frequently used for making models. Grade “A” Lava can serve as refractory material, insulating material, building material and ceramic material. The larger sizes can also be used for carving.



Grade “M” lava is available in limited supply.

Request for quotes can be made via our Contact Us page. Custom firing can be done at a nominal price.