Premium Machined Parts


Grade “A” lava is easily machined and can be milled, drilled, tapped and threaded before being hardened. The machined parts are hardened by kiln firing. After the hardening process, parts are only workable by grinding. When fired, lava becomes very hard with improved mechanical and electrical properties. The lava material can be held to closer dimensional tolerances than any other ceramic body that is not ground after firing.

Lava is used for: coil forms, bars, bobbins, spools, threaded cores, mounting strips, bushings, spacers, standoffs, electronic tube parts, electrical application parts, parts for electrical controls and miscellaneous parts for electronic applications. Lava is also widely used for gas burner tips, industrial burner tips, welding cups, nozzles and other heat resisting and acid resisting parts. Lava is a machinable ceramic for research and development purposes as well.

Request for quotes can be made via our Contact Us page. Custom firing can be done at a nominal price.